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Complete your dishes with the taste of Umbrian cheese. Discover the most typical cheeses of the region and add a touch of tradition to your dishes....Discover the rich selection oftypical Umbrian cheeses of Cose del Posto: let yourself be amazed by the rustic and sincere taste of Umbrian cheeses, which will bring the true flavor of tradition into your kitchen. Each of our DOP Umbrian cheeses is a product of exceptional quality: with a refined and delicious taste, they release unique aromas, capable of evoking the hills and valleys of the Umbrian region. Our cheeses are produced only with quality milk, coming from farms that pursue the well-being of farmed animals and that respect not only the rhythms of nature but also those of seasonality. In addition to genuine raw materials, what distinguishes our cheeses is the transformation and processing of milk: our supply chain, in fact, draws only from those who keep the secrets of the ancientdairy and rustic tradition. The processing of milk is therefore based on artisan methods and on sophisticated, classic and innovative seasoning techniques. Perfect to be enjoyed on any occasion, Umbrian cheeses can be a perfect solution as an aperitif, combining them with a platter of local cold cuts and a full-bodied glass of red wine. Particularly tasty when combined with preserves, honey or jams, they are also perfect alone or with hot bread. Explore our online shop and discover all our offer of typical cheeses: you can savor the rustic and quality taste of the Umbrian territories, directly at your home.
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