Calcaia Orvieto Muffa Nobile D.O.C. 2016 Barberani - Cose del Posto

Calcaia Orvieto Muffa Nobile DOC 2015 Barberani

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In the autumn mornings a thick fog envelops the vineyards of the Orvieto Classico. The grapes, in this particular microclimate, are gradually attacked by a particular mold, the Botrytis Cinerea which, if particular atmospheric conditions occur, turns into a noble mold. Morning light alternating with a mild and breezy afternoon climate is the sine qua non condition for this magic to manifest itself. This mold feeds, from the outside, on the liquid content of the fruit where it takes root, dehydrates the lake, concentrating its sugars and acidity. Botrytis Cinerea thus enhances the organoleptic complexity of the wine, giving it unique and unmistakable aromatic and gustatory notes. For the harvest, at least five or six successive harvests are needed, repeated at different times, distributed between October and December, in order to collect only the fruits rooted in the Noble Mold and to leave from time to time those not yet ready on the plant. The musts that are obtained are particularly dense, rich and fragrant. The subsequent fermentation takes place slowly and steadily for a prolonged period and stops naturally. naturalmente.

SIZE: 0.50 liters.


FEATURES: Golden yellow in color, elegant and enveloping perfume, with acacia honey and spicy and saffron scents; Taste: Oily and persuasive, of harmonious softness, sweet and persistent.

VINES: Grechetto and Trebbiano Procanico.

SERVICE TEMPERATURE: It can be drunk cold 10 or at room temperature 18-20.-20°).

ALCOHOL: 11 vol..

STORAGE METHOD: Cool place away from sunlight.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: It goes well with fatty liver appetizers, aBlue cheeses, ofGoat or spicy, aDry pastries. It is a great meditation wine.