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Capocollo stagionato di Norcia - Cose del Posto
Seasoned Capocollo from Norcia
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Seasoned Capocollo from Norcia

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Capocollo is a sausage obtained by working the muscles obtained from the upper portion of the pig's neck and from a part of the shoulder (this justifies the name). It is a salami with a strong flavor, an amalgam between the savory flavor of the salami and the delicacy of the ham, even if the taste is more intense. The meats chosen by our Salumi Artisan are salted and massaged (this operation is necessary to favor both the penetration and the uniform distribution of the salt), then they are stuffed into a natural casing and left to mature for 55-60 days. During the processing, spices and aromatic herbs are added. In the past, for its maturation it was used to wrap the meat in a rough cloth, a method we have re-proposed as a seal of a process. The meat is not minced, so the product is very compact, made up of parts of fatty meat and lean meat that give the capocollo a decidedly excellent taste.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Slice of vacuum-packed Capocollo from selected seasoned pork, salted and flavored according to the ancient tradition.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: Seasoning: 55-60 days - Shape: Vacuum packed slice.

INGREDIANTS: Pork cup, salt, pepper, garlic, dextrose - Product without dyes, gluten, milk and its derivatives. Antioxidants E301, Preservatives E250 E252. Inedible casing.

METHOD OF STORAGE: Cool and dry place.


PRODUCER : SALVATORI artisan of cured meats Artisan quality since 1980

AVERAGE NUTRITION VALUES FOR 100gr OF PRODUCT: energy value 401kcal / 1676 kj, fat31.6g / of which saturated11.84g, carbohydrates0g / of which sugars 0g, proteins28.9g, salt4.93g

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Capocollo is a highly appreciated Umbrian pork-butchery product, suitable for any type of situation: as a sliced snack, as an appetizer with bread or focaccia or as a roll for imaginative second courses. It matches withCheeses fresh, soft and semi-hard. Excellent if accompanied by bland bread, to fill the traditionalEaster cheese pizza.