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Confettura biologica di Fichi di Norcia - Cose del Posto

Organic fig jam from Norcia

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Jam with a light greenish color and a genuine flavor and natural texture, ideal for a delicious breakfast. The preparation of the jam is made with the best figs and cooked with the only addition of brown sugar, respecting nature, guaranteeing the maximum quality of the products, maintaining the intact and pure taste of the fruit because it has no added sugar.

SIZE: 210 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Organic jam.


INGREDIENTS:figs, brown sugar.


STORAGE METHOD: At room temperature if the product is intact; open jam should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 3 weeks of opening. 

AVERAGE DEADLINE:2 years from the packaging date

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Excellent as an accompaniment to bothFresh and aged cheeses.

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