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Fettuccine with spinach

Fettuccine with spinach

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Fettuccine are a traditional egg pasta format of Italian cuisine, this version flavored with spinach gives them a characteristic green color and makes them particularly suitable for a simple tomato sauce or a vegetable ragù.
Filotea egg pasta is produced in an artisanal way with only Italian raw materials and has a cooking yield of at least 30%. Dried slowly and at low temperatures for at least 24 hours, the pasta is highly digestible and very rough, a quality that allows it to have a high capacity to hold any type of sauce. You will not serve the usual plate of pasta, but a real delicacy capable of reminding you of lunches at home with fresh pasta prepared by your grandmothers.

WEIGHT:250 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Egg fettuccine with spinach.


INGREDIENTS:Durum wheat semolina, eggs (27%), soft wheat flour (type 00), spinach (3%).


STORAGE:At room temperature in a cool and dry place.


NUTRITIONAL VALUES (100gr of product):Energy:1584 kj -374 kcal; Protein 16 G; Carbohydrates 67 G; Sugars 1.7 G; Fats 4.2 G; Saturated fatty acids 1.3 G; Dietary fibers 2.0 G.

PRODUCER:FILOTEA EXPERIENCE SOC.COOP. Via Primo Maggio, 56 60131 Ancona - Italy