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Fettuccine alla Canapa senza uovo - Cose del Posto

Hemp Fettuccine without egg

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This pasta is handcrafted using durum wheat semolina and hemp seed flour. It is characterized by a high nutritional value, is rich in fiber and proteins and contains fatty acids, essential amino acids and minerals. Fettuccine are a long pasta shape typical of central Italy, also widespread in the north, especially in Bologna and Emilia. The difference with the tagliatelle is rather labile and lies only in the width of the strips of pasta even if there is not always agreement on the measures.e.

SIZE: 250 grams.


INGREDIENTS: Whole durum wheat semolina, Hemp flour 6, water..


STORAGE METHODE: At room temperature, away from heat, light and humidity sources.

AVERAGE DEADLINE: 1 year from the packaging date.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (100 gr product: 350 kcal; Protein 13 G; Carbohydrates 75 G of which Sugars 3,1 G; Fats 1.05 G of which saturated Fatty Acids 0.5 G; Dietary Fibers 4.6 G; Sodium 0.5 Mg 0.005 G.G).

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