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Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil

Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil

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Tuna fillets are fished in the summer, when the meat is softer. The catch, due to the light color and consistency of the meat, comes mainly from the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The selected fillets are hand-packed one by one, to which is added precious olive oil. They are really excellent and can be used in many different ways, for an appetizer or salad, or to season a first course or as a second course.

WEIGHT: 150 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Tuna fillets in glass jars.

ORIGIN: Liguria.

INGREDIENTS: Tuna fillets, olive oil.


STORAGE METHOD:At room temperature; once opened, in the fridge.

AVERAGE EXPIRY: 3/5 years.

INGREDIENTS:TUNA * Olive oil Salt * Thunnus Albacares

Nutritional declaration Average values per 100g of product:Energy:844 kJ/202 kcal Fat:10.4 g of which saturated 1,5 g Carbohydrates:<2,1 g of which sugars <0 g Proteins:24,9 g Salt:1,4 g

MANUFACTURER:Icat Food SpA Via Palestro, 2/5 - 16122 Genova