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Grappa di Ciliegiolo - Cose del Posto

Ciliegiolo grappa

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Ciliegiolo Grappa is a distillate produced by the Vallantica winery. its processing begins immediately after the harvest of the cherry pomace; it arrives in the distillery after alcoholic fermentation in the cellar with the must itself. Once in the distillery, after racking and light pressing, it is immediately passed to the alembic. The distillation, totally in copper and stainless steel, is in a bain marie, a slow and costly system but which allows to preserve all the aromas of the marc of origin. The grappa is produced at an alcoholic strength of about 70 and then left to rest for about 8 months. By bottling it is diluted with spring water and subsequently filtered at a temperature of -3 C. C.

SIZE: 0.50 liter bottles.


GRAPES: Pomace of Ciliegiolo grape.

FEATURES: White grappa, soft and fragrant with cherry notes.


STORAGE METHOD: Cool place away from sunlight.

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