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Grechetto I.G.T. 2018 Raina - Cose del Posto

Grechetto IGT 2018 Raina

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A wine of great structure, of a golden and intense yellow color, the nose expresses citrus notes. In the mouth it is full without being heavy. Savory and mineral, it closes slightly tannic. The Grechetto vine is probably originally from Greece, like all the vines that contain "Greek" in the root of the name. Its cluster is medium-small, cylindrical-conical. The grape is medium, oval, with a thin but consistent skin, yellowish in color, covered with bloom.

SIZE 0.75 liters.

ORIGIN: Umbria.

FEATURES: Golden yellow in color, the nose expresses citrus notes. Savory and mineral, slightly tannic.

ADDITIVES AND PRESERVATIVES: No chemicals are used outside of a reduced use of sulphites. Fermentations always take place spontaneously, without adding selected yeasts or fermentation activators.

VINES: 100 Grechetto..

ALCOHOL: 13 vol..


STORAGE METHOD: in a cool place away from sunlight.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Ideal to be enjoyed with first courses with fish or white condiments, second courses with fish or white meats.

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