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Grechetto passito I.G.T. 2015 Vallantica - Cose del Posto

Grechetto passito IGT 2015 Vallantica

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Grechetto Vallantica is a passito with an intense aroma with hints of honey, acacia flowers and elderberry; the taste denotes a wine with a very delicate, intense and persistent flavor with particular notes of exotic fruit and vanilla.

SIZE:0.50 liters.


CHARACTERISTICS:Passito wine with an intense golden yellow color.

VINES:100% Grechetto.


ALCOHOL:16% vol.

STORAGE:Cool place away from sunlight.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Meditation wine, it can accompany aged cheeses , dry pastries, traditional Christmas and Easter sweets and spoon desserts. The combination with traditional Umbrian desserts, such as Rocciata and Pasquale sweet pizza , is remarkable. Perfect with any type of chocolate.

MANUFACTURER :Campisi Salvatore Srl Unipersonale Via Marzamemi 12, 96018 - Marzamemi (SR)

SPECIFIC NOTES :Contains sulphites