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Innominabile Passito I.G.T. 2010 Profidia - Cose del Posto

Unmentionable Passito IGT 2010 Profidia

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The unmentionable passito Profidia is a full-bodied sweet wine, in the mouth the sweetness is well balanced by the extraordinary polyphenolic set of Sagrantino. The vineyard is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level with southern exposure. The harvest is carried out manually. The vinification takes place with drying of the grapes on racks and then traditional contact with the skins for up to 20-25 days in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature. The malolactic fermentation is completely carried out in barriques. The wine ages for 20 months in French oak barriques and ages for 12 months in the bottle.

SIZE: 0.50 liters.

ORIGIN : Umbria.

CHARACTERISTICS : Passito red wine, obtained from the drying of Sagrantino grapes with the traditional method on racks, and without the addition of sugars or concentrated musts, with a deep ruby red color. Delicate smell reminiscent of dried plum and black cherry.

VINES : 100% Sagrantino.


GRADATION: 15.50% vol.

METHOD OF STORAGE : Cool place away from sunlight.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Meditation wine, can accompany iAged cheeses, theDry pastries, traditional Christmas sweets, Easter and spoon desserts. The combination with traditional Umbrian sweets, such asRocciata and thePasquale sweet pizza. Perfect with any type of chocolate.

PRODUCER : Profidia Winery

SPECIFIC NOTES : Contains sulfites