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Kit degustazione del Posto Saturni - Cose del Posto
Kit degustazione del Posto Saturni - Cose del Posto
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Tasting kit of the Saturni Place

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You want to be on the safe side and taste our excellences at a special price. We designed this box to allow you a complete taste of the Umbrian and Tuscan flavors. In a single shipment you will find typical high quality food products made according to tradition. The kit contains the following products::

  • Rosso dell'Umbria Schippa 0,75LL
  • Tuscan honey 250g
  • Cherry sauce, bacon and rocket 180g
  • Umbrian Stringozzi 250g
  • Norcia hunter salami 200g
  • Semi-seasoned Pecorino Senese 200g

Rosso dell'Umbria Schippa 0.75 Litersi: Rosso dell'Umbria Schippa is a ready-to-drink red wine, ideal throughout the meal, ideal in combination with appetizers, pasta dishes and red meats. Peel maceration for 25-30 days at controlled and constant temperature.

Tuscan honey 250 grams: In a clean and uncontaminated environment, and using a responsible honey breeding and harvesting technique, we offer you high-quality wildflower and unifloral honeys. The elegant paper packaging allows you to protect the product from light and thus preserve its excellent quality to offer you a honey as good as the one just picked.

Cherry sauce, bacon and rocket 180 grams: A tasty and balanced sauce, handcrafted with quality products. Ready to be used as a condiment but especially for pasta, especially on tagliatelle, spaghetti, penne and tortelli.

Umbrian Stringozzi 250 grams: The stringozzi are a long pasta shape with a rectangular section. It is a typical Umbrian product, in particular in the Folignate-Spoletino area, but also widespread in the Marche and Lazio regions. According to the production areas they are called: strangozzi, strengozzi, strongozzi, in the Perugia area of Umbria and in the Terni ciriole. The appearance of stringozzi is very reminiscent of that of tagliolini, but unlike the latter they are considered a "poor product" because in the tradition it is prepared without egg, even if it is now used in many artisan productions.anali.

Norcia hunter salami 200 grams: Salamino with a delicate taste, produced by our Artigiano dei Salumi with finely ground shoulder and pork belly. The meats, after a first phase of grinding, are kneaded with garlic, pepper and salt and subsequently stuffed into natural casings. Once the stewing or dripping phase has been carried out for a period of about 7-10 days, the salamis are transferred to the seasoning rooms, where they remain at a temperature of 15 C and relative humidity of 75 for a minimum time of 25-30 days. seasoning, the suitability of the environment favors maturation, and the salami acquire the typical characteristics of flavor and consistency.nza.

Semi-seasoned Pecorino Senese 200 grams: Pecorino Senese is a pure sheep's milk cheese, produced according to the Tuscan tradition, rigorously seasoned on wooden boards. Inside it is slightly glazed, with a white and crumbly texture with a pleasant and tasty taste.

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