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Kit degustazione del Posto Solis - Cose del Posto
Kit degustazione del Posto Solis - Cose del Posto
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Tasting kit of the Posto Solis

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You are undecided about the choice of products to buy. You want to impress your friends and your palate. We have thought of everything with this pack of tastings at a super affordable price. A mix of flavors from Umbria and Tuscany to your home in a single shipment. The kit contains the following products:ti:

  • White from Umbria Schippa 0,75LL
  • Homemade jam 100g
  • Truffle 130g
  • Umbricelli 500g
  • Norcia hunter salami 200g
  • Valdichiana cheese 400g

White from Umbria Schippa 0,75 Litersi: White wine with a typical straw yellow color, fresh, dry, with a slightly fruity taste, delicately perfumed, savory, with mineral notes. Ideal as an aperitif, it is also excellent in combination with fish first courses, legume soups and white meats.

Homemade jam 100 grams: Our jams are boiled in the pot as per the classic method and brought to the boil by steam. Our craftsmen do not use pectin, nor other thickeners, the label is made up of 2 words: fruit and sugar..

Tartufella 130 grams: Tartufella, based on cultivated mushrooms and summer truffle, is not a simple sauce but the truffle sauce par excellence. Better, more balanced and more digestible than ever. This exceptional product has reached the peak of its goodness thanks to the skilful recipe of our craftsman who with passion and dedication has been able to enhance it and bring it to the height of its perfection.ne.

Umbricelli 500 grams: The umbricelli are a pasta format typical of Perugia and the Perugia area, but they are also widespread in the municipality of Orvieto. The name Umbricello derives from the Perugian Umbrian dialect of the earthworm and is so called because the twisted and thick shape is reminiscent of the earthworm.brico.

Norcia hunter salami 200 grams: Salamino with a delicate taste, produced by our Artigiano dei Salumi with finely ground shoulder and pork belly. The meats, after a first phase of grinding, are kneaded with garlic, pepper and salt and subsequently stuffed into natural casings. Once the stewing or dripping phase has been carried out for a period of about 7-10 days, the salamis are transferred to the seasoning rooms, where they remain at a temperature of 15 C and relative humidity of 75 for a minimum time of 25-30 days. seasoning, the suitability of the environment favors maturation, and the salami acquire the typical characteristics of flavor and consistency.nza.

Valdichiana cheese 400 grams: The Cacio della Valdichiana, produced according to the Tuscan tradition, is a very fresh cheese of sheep and cow milk, with a white paste with irregular holes, while the rind has a color tending to pale straw yellow. The taste is very pleasant and not very persistent.

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