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Lenticchie di Castelluccio I.G.P. 500 grammi - Cose del Posto

Lentils of Castelluccio IGP 500 grams

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Lentils are an important food and a very precious poor dish thanks to the high intake of proteins for which they are very used in vegetarian and vegan diets and complex carbohydrates compared to the minimum percentage of fat. The Castelluccio lentil is grown at an altitude of approx. 1500 meters and has a thin and tender skin that allows cooking without soaking, considerably reducing preparation times. The great quality of our product derives from the climatic conditions and the particular characteristics of the land of the Castelluccio di Norcia plateau.cia.

SIZE: 500 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Lentils from the Castelluccio di Norcia plateau. Soaking not necessary. Cooking about 30/40 minutes.

INGREDIENTS:100 Lentils, may contain traces of gluten..


STORAGE METHOD:  Dry place away from heat sources.


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Colfiorito lentils are legumes rich in nutrients that are generally savored as a side dish and traditionally associated withsausage. They are an excellent dish also enjoyed alone or used to enrich Soups and Soups.

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