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Liquore alle foglie di Ulivo - Cose del Posto

Olive leaf liqueur

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The Olive Leaf Liqueur is the result of an ancient infusion process of the leaves and twigs of this wonderful tree, without the addition of aromas and dyes, 100% natural. Precious liqueur, with a pleasant taste for an unusual end of the meal, to be served fresh to fully savor the extraordinary flavor of all the natural elements that, from the olive leaves, create our liqueur. The twig inside the bottle enriches the product, continuing to release the properties of which it is the custodian. Any sediments in the bottle denote the naturalness of the product.to.

SIZE: 0.200 liter bottles.


INGREDIENTS: Alcoholic infusion of olive leaves and twigs, sugar.

FEATURES: Digestive with a pleasant taste without the addition of aromas and dyes.


STORAGE METHOD: Cool place away from sunlight.

TASTING AND COMBINATIONS: Smooth or with ice; with the addition of prosecco or tonic water in combination with olives,Fresh cheeses and snacks.

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