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Miele toscano di Ailanto - Cose del Posto

Tuscan Ailanto honey

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The Tuscan honey of Ailanto is a honey with a decidedly fruity taste. In the liquid state it has a distinct yellow color that tends to lighten with crystallization. The taste is characterized by a marked sweetness and a strong fruity flavor that refers to muscat and then to peach. The final aftertaste is reminiscent of tropical fruits.

WEIGHT:250 grams.

ORIGIN:Between Florence and Siena, on the hills that gently descend from the ancient Romanesque church of Santo Stefano a Campoli towards the towns of Mercatale in Val di Pesa and Montefiridofi (300 m asl).

PRODUCER :I Greppi di Silli farm Miciolo di Alfani Giuliano & Anna Soc. Agr. Soc. Semplice Via Vallacchio 19 50026 FI

STORAGE METHOD:At room temperature, away from sources of heat, light and humidity. Expiry date 18 months after packaging. Once opened, honey can be stored outside the refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° and away from light. The high sugar content naturally present in this product prevents bacterial multiplication and the deterioration process.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS:Ideal in the classic breakfast on rusks. Sportspeople consume honey. Before, during and after a competition, it strengthens the muscles, increases endurance and promotes recovery. It is particularly indicated in the diet for children, in fact, unlike sugar, it favors the fixation of mineral salts; excellent to combine with cheeses .