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Miele toscano di Girasole - Cose del Posto

Tuscan sunflower honey

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The Tuscan Sunflower Honey is amber yellow at sight. As it is rich in glucose, crystallization is very fast and by crystallizing the color becomes more intense. On the nose it recalls the smell of hay and tomato leaf. The taste confirms the herbaceous perceptions, sweet and slightly fruity. Its generic name comes from two Greek words helios (= Sun) and anthos "(= flower). It is a flower characteristic of the Tuscan hills where it is grown mainly for its seed that can be used in the zootechnical field as food for animals, both for the production of sunflower oil.The cultivation in a predominantly hilly area such as the Tuscan one, manages to create views that our tourists will hardly forget.no.

SIZE:250 grams.

ORIGIN:Between Florence and Siena, on the hills that gently descend from the ancient Romanesque church of Santo Stefano a Campoli towards the villages of Mercatale in Val di Pesa and Montefiridofi (300 m asl).

PRODUCER: I Greppi di Silli farm Miciolo di Alfani Giuliano & Anna Soc. Agr. Soc. Semplice Via Vallacchio 19 50026 FI

METHOD OF STORAGE:At room temperature, away from sources of heat, light and humidity. Expiry date 18 months after packaging. Once opened, honey can be stored outside the refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 20 and away from light. The high sugar content naturally present in this product prevents bacterial multiplication and the deterioration process..

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Ideal in the classic breakfast on rusks. Sportspeople consume honey. Before, during and after a competition, it strengthens the muscles, increases endurance and promotes recovery. It is particularly indicated in the diet for children, in fact, unlike sugar, it favors the fixation of mineral salts; excellent to combine withcheeses.