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Pancetta di Cinta senese D.O.P - Cose del Posto

PDO Cinta Senese bacon

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It is a seasoned stretched bacon obtained from Cinta Senese pigs D.O.P. bred in the wild and fed naturally. It is treated on the surface with ground black pepper to enhance its characteristics.

SIZE: 300 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES Commonly called "rigatino" for the characteristic striped aspect of the slice, which alternates the red of the lean and the white of the lard.

STORAGE METHOD: Temperature between 0 / 4C..

INGREDIENTS: Cinta Senese breed pork D.O.P .; salt; garlic; pepper; chili pepper; preservatives: E250; E252.


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS. Excellent in the kitchen for preparingSauces and first courses, or cut into slices spread on bread or for imaginative second courses rich in flavor and taste.

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