Pecorino stagionato sotto paglia - Cose del Posto

Pecorino seasoned under straw

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The pecorino straw aged in barrique comes from the widespread research that was done among the old shepherds of the Valdichiana, masters in the preservation of cheese with poor materials, giving the cheese a unique flavor and aroma. The forms are placed in oak barrels, and kept at room temperature. They are laid in layers together with the material in which the small cracks between the axes of the barrels are maturing, allowing the air to penetrate gently inside and create a perfect microclimate for the maturation of the cheese. When the shapes reach the perfect seasoning they are placed in boxes presenting the irregular shape but the aroma and intensity of the taste makes each cheese unique.

SIZE: 400 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Pecorino aged under circular straw.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: Seasoning: 120 days at room temperature.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized sheep's milk, ferments, rennet, salt. Crust treated with preservatives E235, E203 and wheat straw.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: 100gr product: Proteins: gr. 27.40 - Total fat: 38.5 g of which saturated 27.53 gr. - Energy: 1918 kj, 463 kcal. - Carbohydrates: 1,60 gr, of which sugars 0,43 gr. - Salt: gr. 2.02.2.

STORAGE METHOD: Temperature between 4 / 10C..


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Structured red wines like theMontefalco Rosso or Sagrantino di Montefalco,unspeakable isGrott'Ombra Profidia . Beerdark orred (Caber Beer, cured meat intense and decisive flavor. The compote of pears and balsamic vinegar, the compote of strawberries and balsamic vinegar, the compote of kiwi and ginger, the compote of red pepper. The Jam ofRed onion from Cannara, the Jam ofGreen tomatoes, the Jam ofYellow pumpkin, the Jam ofFigs and Brandy, Honey ofHeather, Honey ofBramble, Honey ofForest honeydewRough and consistent paste likeStringozzi Umbri,tonnarelli,Egg pappardelle,umbricelli isStrozzapreti.