Salame Bastardo toscano al Vino bianco - Cose del Posto

Tuscan bastard salami with white wine

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Seasoned salami produced with finely ground Italian pork and flavored with white wine. Stuffed in natural casings. The raw materials used are mainly pork and hard fat of the same animal, hand-cut into characteristic squares and then mixed with garlic, salt, pepper and spices such as cornel, cinnamon and cloves. The fat or hard rigatino represents at the end a third of the compound which is stuffed into the natural casing and undergoes a maturation of about twenty days and a maturing of four months. In accompaniment, staying in the area, you could opt for the classic Maremma loaf made with soft wheat, water and possibly natural yeast: obviously without salt. Although it finds its natural pairing with a full-bodied red, it finds an ideal gustatory harmony with the bubbles given its clear prevalence of fat.asso.

SIZE: 400 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES Medium seasoned salami medium / large grain.

STORAGE METHOD: Cool and dry place.

INGREDIENTS: Pork; salt; dextrose; wine 1, pepper; antioxidant E301, flavors, preservatives: E250; E252. Inedible gut..


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS. Ideal for the classic cold cuts platter, withSemi-aged cheeses or accompanied by aWhite wine delicate and harmonious.