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Salame lardellato senza conservanti artificiali - Cose del Posto

Larded salami without artificial preservatives

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Larded salami is a typical product of our lands expertly worked by our craftsman according to the most ancient traditions. Obtained from selected portions of pork shoulder cleaned of excess fat and tendons and with the addition of small hand-cut lard. After a first phase of grinding, the meats are kneaded exclusively with garlic, pepper and salt and then, after the addition of the lardelli, stuffed in natural casings. The salamis thus obtained undergo a stewing or dripping phase for a few days and after this period they are transferred to the seasoning rooms, where they remain at a temperature of 15 ° C and relative humidity of 75 for a minimum time of 25-30 days.ni. 

SIZE: 350grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Medium grain seasoned salami without artificial preservatives.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS:Seasoning: 25-30 days - Shape: typical stick.

INGREDIENTS:Pork meat, pork lard, salt, pepper, garlic, dextrose, natural flavors. Product without dyes, milk and its derivatives.


STORAGE METHOD:  Cool and dry place.


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: , the larded salami is particularly enjoyed during the Easter breakfast together with the characteristicEaster Pizza with Umbrian Cheese.

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