Salamino spalmabile con Cipolla senza conservanti - Cose del Posto

Salamino spread with onion without preservatives

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Soft salami with a unique taste, typical of the territory of the Sibillini Mountains, to be enjoyed both sliced and spread on bread. Produced by our craftsman according to traditional methods with various cuts of pork, it is spiced only with pepper and fresh garlic and Cannara onion and then smoked with local woods for about a week. It is ideal for canapes and canapes..

SIZE: 200 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Onion spread with onion without preservatives or additives.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS:Seasoning: about a week; Shape: typical with sausage.

INGREDIENTS:Pork meat, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, natural flavors.


STORAGE METHOD::Temperature between 0 / 4C..


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS:The spreadable salami is ideal as an appetizer spread on canapes and canapés also combined with fresh cheeses and fruit. 

CURIOSITY': In the casing of the salami, during the seasoning, noble molds of white or blue color can form, which serve to perform three functions: they slow down and balance the proteolytic activity, balance the humidity and above all cut out the microorganisms that would ruin the product.o. In this way we will have superficial and non-toxic molds that with a brushing will come away after having done their improvement work.