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Soppressata toscana - Cose del Posto

Tuscan Soppressata

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Soppressata is a sausage made of coarse fragments of pork meat packed with canvas, tenotex, silk or non-woven fabric. After slaughtering the whole head excluding the eyes, the rind about 1/3 of the total quantity and the pig's tongue are boiled in water for a time varying between two and five hours, depending on the traditions of the production area. After stripping the head, spices of various types are added to the meat including cinnamon and nutmeg, salt, pepper, minced garlic and lemon and orange peel. The product is then left to cool in cold rooms or in special rooms for about 20 days in order to obtain the complete coagulation of the collagen contained. The typicality of the brawn is due to the processing technique, which follows an ancient and unchanged tradition over time, and also to the particularity of the raw materials and ingredients used: the pig's head, the spices and the lemon and orange peel. The production area includes all of Tuscany, in particular the provinces of Arezzo and Siena.Siena.

SIZE: 350 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES: The brawn is made with boiled head meat with the addition of salt, pepper and spices. Vacuum pack.

INGREDIENTS: Pork meat, pork tongue, rind, salt, spices, pepper and garlic, natural flavors, preservative E250. Inedible gut.

STORAGE METHOD: Temperature between 0 / 4C..


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: It is usually eaten with Tuscan bread without salt andRed wines robust.

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