Stringozzi al tartufo 250gr - Cose del Posto

Stringozzi with truffle 250gr

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The stringozzi are a long pasta shape with a rectangular section. It is a typical Umbrian product, in particular in the Folignate-Spoletino area, but also widespread in the Marche and Lazio regions. According to the production areas they are called: strangozzi, strengozzi, strongozzi, in the Perugia area of Umbria and in the Terni ciriole. The appearance of stringozzi is very reminiscent of that of tagliolini, but unlike the latter they are considered a "poor product" because in the tradition it is prepared without egg, even if it is now used in many artisan productions.nali.

SIZE: 250 grams.

NOTES OF EXCELLENCE: Stringozzi have a rough surface that holds all types of sauce and sauce. They represent a sober and tasteful cuisine.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Durum wheat semolina.


INGREDIENTS: Durum wheat semolina, water, 1.0 summer truffles, dehydrated porcini mushrooms in powder, truffle aroma, egg white.o.


STORAGE METHODE: At room temperature, away from heat, light and humidity sources.

AVERAGE DEADLINE: 2 years from the packaging date.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (100 gr product: 296 kcal; Protein 10 G; Carbohydrates 60 G; Sugars 1.7 G; Fat 0.4 G; Saturated fatty acids 0.0 G; Dietary Fibers 3.1 G; Sodium 0.01 Mg..