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Stringozzi alla piccantissima - Cose del Posto

"Spicy"Semolina Stringozzi

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Stringozzi are a long pasta shape with a rectangular section. It is a typical Umbrian product, in particular from the Folignate-Spoletino area, but also widespread in the Marche and Lazio. According to the production areas, they are called:"strangozzi, strengozzi, strongozzi", in the Perugian"umbricelli"and in the Terni area"ciriole". The appearance of the ragu is very reminiscent of that of the tagliolini, but unlike the latter they are considered a"poor product"because in the tradition it is prepared without egg, even if it is now used in many artisanal productions.

WEIGHT:500 grams.

NOTES OF EXCELLENCE:Stringozzi have a rough surface that holds any type of gravy and sauce. They represent a sober and tasteful cuisine.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Durum wheat semolina pasta.


INGREDIENTS:Durum wheat semolina, water, egg white, 1% parsley, 1% chilli, 1% garlic.


STORAGE:At room temperature in a cool and dry place.

AVERAGE DEADLINE: 18/24 months.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (100 gr product):347 kcal; Protein 11.9 G; Carbohydrates 72 G; Sugars 1.9 G; Fat 0.5 G; Saturated fatty acids 0.0 G; Dietary fibers 3.9 G; Sodium 0.01 Mg.

MANUFACTURER :La Romagna srl