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Trancio di Prosciutto nostrano disossato - Cose del Posto

Boneless slice of local ham

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Our local prosciutto from Norcia is one of the most delicate and tasty cured meats of the national tradition that our Craftsman of Salami interprets with skill and skill. It is made to be eaten simply with bread or accompanied in infinite tasty solutions. The thighs, which must weigh about 10 kg, are cooled for a day, then trimmed. The salting takes place dry, with a mixture of salt and pepper mixed with aromatic herbs such as sage and rosemary. After about seven days the flavored thighs are washed carefully, dried and a mixture of salt, pepper and lard is applied, as well as natural flavors. The seasoning takes place in the mountains in well-ventilated areas, placed at a temperature between 12 and 25 C, and lasts from 10 to 12 months. A longer stay, even up to 18 months, gives great fullness and persistence to the taste. The appearance when cut must be of a bright red to light red color with little infra- and ultramuscular fat, pure white subcutaneous fat with light pink veins, compact, free of cleavage lines between the layers and well adherent the underlying muscular surface, with an intense aroma and spicy flavor, enhanced by a rather thick cut of the slices. Semi sweet tastece

SPECIFIC NOTES:National leg ham

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS:Seasoning: minimum 12 months.

INGREDIENTS:Pork meat, salt, sugars: dextrose, sucrose, antioxidant E300, preservatives E250, E252, flavors and spices. Product without dyes, gluten-free, Milk and its derivatives. Antioxidants E300, Preservatives E250 E252. Inedible gut.

STORAGE METHOD:  To be kept in a cool and dry place

AVERAGE DEADLINE:365 days         

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS:Nostrano ham is the typical product of the norcina tradition to be consumed at any time of the day. Appreciated in the creation of tasty and flavorful appetizers both alone and in combination with fruits of various types or other meats andCheeses medium seasoning in the classic mixed cutting boards. It is also used in condiments for first courses, white or red as well as to garnish succulent second courses. It is excellent to taste with the tasteless bread, with the Pizza Pasquale with Cheese , also combined with soft cheeses or cooked grass. We recommend accompanying it with oneBeer double malt.

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