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Umbria bianco Passito I.G.T. 2017 Colle di Rocco - Cose del Posto

Umbria white Passito IGT 2017 Colle di Rocco

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Umbria Passito Bianco is a wine made from ancient white grape vineyards, such as Trebbiano, Malvasia from Lazio and Tuscany and Grechetto. Harvested manually, after 3 months of drying on frames, the grapes are pressed and the must is left to ferment at a constant temperature of 15. The refinement is carried out for 12 months in steel barrels in order to preserve its fruity aroma and primary flavors. The result is a passito wine extremely rich in fruit aromas and flavors, from peach in syrup to apricot and candied figs, with subtle notes of honey.ele.


SIZE: 0.50 liters.


FEATURES: Amber wine with golden reflections that tend to copper over the years; warm and enveloping aroma, fruity, on the palate it is sweet but not cloying, well balanced by acidity, with the taste of dried and candied fruit. The aftertaste is powerful and persistent..

VINES: Malvasie 60, Trebbiano 20, Grechetto 10, other white berried grapes 10.ianca (10%).

SERVICE TEMPERATURE: It can be drunk cold 10 or at room temperature 18-20.-20°).

ALCOHOL: 15.50 vol..

STORAGE METHOD: Cool place away from sunlight.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Meditation wine, can accompany iSeasoned cheeses, theDry pastries, traditional Christmas sweets, Easter and desserts. Considerable pairing with traditional sweets from Umbria, such as thea rocciata and theSweet Easter pizza. Perfect with any type of chocolate.

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