Umbria rosso Passito I.G.T. 2017 Colle di Rocco - Cose del Posto

Umbria red Passito IGT 2017 Colle di Rocco

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Umbria Passito Rosso is a wine produced with traditional Umbrian black berried grapes, such as Ciliegiolo, Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Merlot and Sagrantino. After 2 months of drying on the frames, a sweet and rightly tannic nectar is obtained, which gives life to a harmonious wine where the aromas of red fruits are enhanced, such as morello cherry, black currant and blackberry, typical of the varieties used.

SIZE: 0.50 liters.


FEATURES: Intense red wine, the nose has, in addition to the typical aroma of dried grapes, warm hints of cherry, black currant and blackberry; it is aromatic and ample in the mouth, with perfectly balanced tannins and acidity balanced by the residual sugars. The aftertaste is persistent, with rich nuances of red fruits.

VINES: Ciliegiolo 40, Montepulciano 20, Sagrantino 20, Merlot and Sangiovese 20.ovese (20%).


ALCOHOL: It can be drunk cold 10 or at room temperature 18-20.-20°).

STORAGE METHOD: Cool place away from sunlight.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Meditation wine, can accompany iSeasoned cheeses, theDry pastries, traditional Christmas sweets, Easter and desserts. Considerable pairing with traditional sweets from Umbria, such as thea rocciata and theSweet Easter pizza. Perfect with any type of chocolate.