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Vernaccia di Cannara D.O.C. 2017 Colle di Rocco - Cose del Posto

Vernaccia di Cannara DOC 2017 Colle di Rocco

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Vernaccia di Cannara DOC is an ancient passito wine, produced with Cornetta grapes, a very rare and tannic autochthonous black berry variety. After 3 months of drying on looms called locally camorcanne, the typical acidity and tannins of the variety are balanced by soft sugars, in an extraordinary and slightly spicy combination of aromas of blackberry, black currant and violet.ta.

SIZE: 0,375 liters.


FEATURES: Dense purplish red wine, with rich aromas and flavors of red fruit, blackberries and violet, with strong tannins, perfectly balanced by acidity and sweetness, which leave the mouth dry and clean. Persistent and pleasantly fruity aftertaste..

VINES: Uva Cornetta 85, Sagrantino 5, Merlot 5, Montepulciano 5.lciano (5%).

SERVICE TEMPERATURE: It can be drunk cold 10 or at room temperature 18-20.-20°).

ALCOHOL: 16 vol..

STORAGE METHOD: Cool place away from sunlight.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Traditionally accompanies the typicalEaster Pizza with Umbrian Cheese with home-made salami such as salamiNorcinello,Hunter,Campagnolo,Corallina,Grandfather and iBalls of mule; remarkable with iSeasoned cheeses; thereDry pastries, traditional Christmas sweets, Easter and desserts. Considerable pairing with traditional sweets from Umbria, such as thea rocciata and theSweet Easter pizza. Perfect with any type of chocolate.

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