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Who we are

Typical products of central Italy, men and women experts of food and drinks from Umbria, Tuscany and Marche.

We are a small group of people who love their territory and local things.”.
We wish to share our passion for good food and good drink, and to do this we thought of transferring the local market square, typical of our villages, into this online showcase that makes available to all the typical products of our regions.i.
We offer food excellence of the Heart of Italy and we give space to traditions and flavors, the result of ancient skills that guarantee unique taste experiences and quality.tà.
All the selected producers are characterized by a craftsmanship process. Our wide and constantly implemented production chain allows you to preserve all the freshness and authenticity of the products that will be available according to seasonality.

Our mission

We would ideally like to sit at the table with each of you and let you savor the taste and the enveloping scent of our products.

Forinvolve you in this authentic journey of the senses we are constantly looking for the best products from our places, proud to discover local craftsmen who put enthusiasm and the highest quality into what they do.

In our pages, in addition to the characteristics of the products, you can always find information, tips and suggestions for a unique and always original taste experience. In this feeling of mutual involvement, we will be happy to receive suggestions, opinions and advice from each of you.

Good trip!



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