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If you want to give something of high quality you are in the right place. We propose tasting packs and innovative ideas to give or give yourself that have the common thread quality and the excellence of Italy... The range of Cose del Posto includes several typical products of small local businesses, constantly seeking to improve quality more and more, keeping an eye on innovation, while at the same time maintaining tradition and the history that distinguishes them. Our gift ideas group related and / or combined products, trying to relate the taste and quality, carefully selecting the products to obtain the best quality and price result, trying to entice you to discover even small combinations to introduce you to the quality that distinguishes individual areas of Italy rich in history and traditions handed down over time for generations, jealous but at the same time proud of the work and commitment in offering you products made with love. Cose del Posto proposes the craftsmanship and goodness with a selection of the best of tradition, come on cured meat , to the cheeses seasoned and unseasoned, flagship of the typicality and uses and customs of green heart of Italy , holding firm to the ancient principles and methods of processing to obtain a product that remembers i ancient and genuine flavors ; Wines white and red, the result of the meticulous work of our producers, able to preserve over the years the passion and tradition of historic vineyards , maintaining high quality and constantly looking for the best possible taste. Cose del Posto collaborates constantly with the small artisan businesses of Italy that offer genuine products of our land, working them and preserving the ancient recipes handed down over the years: gravies and sauces , ideal for giving a touch of refinement and tradition; jams , with high quality fruit from our hills, handcrafted and with particular attention paid to environment and the territory. In each jar of jam you can discover all the goodness of seasonal fruit, natural flavors that it is impossible to resist; honeys handcrafted that we have selected, is produced from hives and bees that live in our hills, in genuine and healthy environments. Just like all our products, in fact, each of our honey jars is a guarantee of high quality, healthy and natural ingredients, handcrafted according to the rules of tradition . All the excellences that can be found in ours tasting kit they try to satisfy as much as possible the most varied requests, from organic products to gluten-free products, always keeping the bar of taste, tradition but also innovation high, preserving as much as possible the genuineness and refinement of raw materials.

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Is simple!
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