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The purchase of alcohol is prohibited for children under 18
Discover the rich variety of selected wines and bubbles with us at Cose del Posto: each of our bottles will give you unmistakable aromas and flavors....In our online store you can find different types of Italian wines suitable for every occasion: Red wines for a nice rustic lunch with friends e White wines for refined fish dinners. Our Bubbles:Sparkling wines, Franciacorta and Champagne to accompany your important and unforgettable moments! Taste the rosé wines for aperitifs sparkling wines or ours meditation wines to chat with friends and relax after a meal. Nothing like a good glass of wine can transform any dish into something extraordinary! We have selected only fine Italian wines. These territories are known all over the world as the places where the finest bottles of wine come from. The quality of the raw materials makes the quality of our Italian wines incomparable. In fact, we select only vineyards that have been working grapes for generations, using methods that respect the rhythms of seasonality and nature. Farms that make organic their mission and that, thanks to knowledge and special care, have fresh, genuine and healthy harvests. The grapes are then processed in cellars by even more expert hands, cellars where the wine is made according to the best of regional traditions, only to have typical Italian wines . Here the wine is left to rest and age, depending on the type, just to reach the structure and the equilibrium that make these products unique in the world. Amaze your guests by offering them a glass of our Italian wines to match the right dish: accompany each recipe with the unmistakable taste of traditional Italian products.

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