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Cose del Posto offers various types of high-quality stone-ground flour. Try them in your recipes and create refined dishes for your table... Let yourself be amazed by the stone-ground flours proposed by us at Cose del Posto: perfect for making unique recipes and for creating dishes with a refined flavour. Each of ours stone ground flours it is the result of the processing of a carefully selected agricultural and artisan supply chain. The raw materials come from crops that select quality wheat and cereals, as well as respecting the rhythms of seasonality and having an eye for environmental protection. That's why we only offer stone ground organic flours. The origin is the heart of Italy, Tuscany and Umbria in particular: each recipe you prepare using our flours will release the typical aromas and flavors of these lands. From the raw materials, we then move on to the processing: we have selected a mill that grinds according to the methods of the artisan tradition, with natural stones and without adding any additives, preservatives or stabilizers. This artisanal grinding it is ideal because, by not overheating the flour, it ensures that the products are rich in fibre, vitamins, mineral salts and wheat germ. You will find type 1 stone ground flour, perfect for bread making but also for desserts and savory pies, or spelled flour and ancient wheat flour, much more digestible. Furthermore, polenta flour is perfect for preparing a creamy and tasty polenta to accompany cheese and sausages. Of particular value is also the stone-ground durum wheat semolina flour: it has a lower quantity of sugars and gluten, but a high quantity of trace elements and essential proteins. Don't miss out on our stone-ground flours: you will bake typical traditional recipes such as crusty bread, homemade pizzas, fragrant biscuits and soft cakes. Another product that always comes from a dough is certainly bread, in particular the carasau bread, one of the main traditions of the Sardinia, a region rich in culinary delicacies: let yourself be inspired by Sardinian artisans, capable of creating with very few ingredients real delights such as traditional carasau bread and all its variants which, over time, are in demand but which continue to keep the old traditions intact.

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