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Don't miss the tasty selection of rosé wines by Cose del Posto: versatile, fresh and capable of surprising, rosé wine is a delicacy destined to leave you speechless... The rosé wine, sparkling or still , is a soft but structured and balanced wine, fresh and full of character. This type of wine, which unlike what is believed is not born from the mixing of white and red wine, has one long tradition behind and will conquer even the most demanding palate. By uncorking our bottles of rosé wine you will be overwhelmed by the unmistakable aromas and flavors of these lands. Each of our rosé wines comes from vinification of top quality grapes , grown by farms that respect the rhythms of seasonality and nature. The quality and freshness of the raw materials is then accompanied by processing in artisan cellars, which make respect for tradition a pride to show off. With a fruity aroma and sensational aromas, rosé wine goes perfectly with dry pastries, ice creams and almond cakes. Discover the unique and inimitable flavor of quality rosé wine in our online shop.

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