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Discover the rich offer of meditation wines selected by us at Cose del Posto: many i raisins and meditation wines prepared with traditional recipes, to be enjoyed alone at the end of a meal or to accompany a dessert....Meditation wines are wines with an intense flavor, long aged and structured that should be sipped calmly and very slowly. By virtue of their characteristics they can be combined with desserts or, even better, should be savored slowly in a relaxed and meditative environment. Each of our bottles of passito and meditation wine is the result of the processing of raw materials of exceptional quality, identified by cultivations of Italian territories . Here the crops we have selected follow the rhythms dictated by nature and thanks to respect for seasonality they offer genuine and sincere products. The freshness and colors of these territories will be released by the unmistakable taste of our meditation wines: you can savor the magic of central Italy with every sip. Worked by artisans who work the grapes just as they did in the past, our meditation wines are aged in rustic cellars where they reach the structure and complexity typical of these drinks. Much rich selection of dessert wines , both white passito and red passito, ideal to accompany desserts and to end dinner with taste. For those curious about truly typical products, we have thought of products such as Cooked Must or the Marasco sour cherry wine: both traditional products and processed just like our grandparents did. Let yourself be conquered by these delicacies: if you are looking for a passito to end your meals or a meditation wine to be enjoyed slowly in front of the fireplace or in the company of friends, you are in the right place!

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