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Aleatico passito I.G.T. 2009 Barberani - Cose del Posto

Aleatico passito IGT 2009 Barberani

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Aleatico is a traditional vine from the hills of Lake Corbara, of ancient Etruscan origin. The vermilion red berries, with dense and fragrant pulp, slowly wither on the plant, during the breezy lake September. With aging it acquires an extraordinary complexity and a sweet and intense aroma. No herbicides or pesticides are used in the vineyards. Fertilizations are carried out with biodynamic preparations, burial of the shoots and green manure of herbs and legumes.

SIZE: 0.50 liters.


CHARACTERISTICS:Intense ruby red color; fruity aroma with hints of red berries and jam; Taste of apricot and citrus, jam and almond, sweet and persistent, fine and elegant.

VINES:100% Aleatico.

SERVING TEMPERATURE:It can be drunk cold (10 °) or at room temperature (18-20 °).

ALCOHOL:14% vol.

STORAGE:Cool place away from sunlight.

RECOMMENDED PAIRINGS: It goes well with fruit tarts, almond and walnut sweets, dry pastries . Also excellent at the end of a meal accompanied by chocolate, cigars and pipes.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Contains sulphites.

PRODUCER:Barberani & C. Agricultural Company