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Discover our proposal of sparkling wines carefully selected by us at Cose del Posto, a journey towards the taste of a product that is now consolidated and appreciated by all... Our proposal ofSparkling wines is the daughter of a careful search for the best that can be found, wineries full of history and tradition capable of maintaining the ancient methods but at the same time keeping up with the times. Let yourself be carried away by our category of Sparkling wines in our online wine shop, you will find a wide selection ofProsecco DOC, an avant-garde bubble, appreciated by people of all ages, protagonist of aperitifs, events and any situation where conviviality and quality are directly proportional: The Venetian area ofValdobbiadene it is certainly the homeland of this sparkling wine, where the Glera grape is the absolute master of the house. Every occasion is legitimately entitled to its moment of glory, what better way than a good quality sparkling wine Enhance your important moments with a glass of bubble, choose between the various versionssweet, brut, dry and extra-dry, each of these releases unmistakable scents and tastes. Our online wine shop also includes another flagship of Italian bubbles: theFranciacorta, a unique sparkling wine of its kind, capable of being appreciated for its quality and above all for its classic production method, strictly in the areas around Lake Iseo: this land thanks to its habitat and climate determines a raw material extraordinary, unmistakable, developing an amazing product. Not to mention theChampagne, the real flagship of our cellar: a journey to French soil from the best crus to bring the essence of an unforgettable sparkling wine directly to your home! In our shop you will find all the quality and tradition that the world of sparkling wine concerns, a chain of emotions that we at Cose del Posto want to introduce you to and appreciate in an interactive andBest price.

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