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The Selection of Prestige is a category of fine wines which represents the pinnacle of Italian wine art and beyond. These wines are the result of a combination of unique factors, including terroir, grape variety, climate, production method and vintages. The Selection of Prestige consists of a wide range of wines, from the classic labels of Barolo And Brunello di Montalcino, to the wines whites, bubbles And Champagne... These wines are characterized by a great aromatic complexity and a depth of taste which makes them irresistible for wine lovers. The production process of these wines is extremely meticulous and requires great attention to detail. The Selection of Prestige is synonymous with quality And wine tradition. These wines are often produced by family businesses with a long history in the sector, who have a great passion for producing high quality wines. These companies often follow traditional production methods that have been passed down from generation to generation in order to preserve the unique character. Each Selezione di Pregio has its own unique characteristics, which reflect the terroir and the production method. The Prestige Selection represents thewine excellence and its charm comes from its great variety and its ability to express the unique character of the territory and the producer. These wines are intended for those who love wine and wish to discover the subtlest nuances and nuances of the Italian and international winemaking tradition. The Selezione di Pregio is a treasure of Italian wine heritage and represents a unique wine experience that cannot be imitated by any other wine in the world.

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