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The purchase of alcohol is prohibited for children under 18
Discover the best Italian red wines selected by us at Cose del Posto: each of our bottles of red wine will bring sophisticated flavors and unmistakable aromas from all over Italy to your table... There is nothing better than a bottle ofRed wine to combine with meat dishes, stews or a good piece of cheese, perfect for a nice barbecue with friends. Our territories are known all over the world for the incomparable quality of red wines; we have selected the best vineyards, where respect for seasonality generates genuine harvests. The quality of the raw material is accompanied by the choice ofcellars, where making wine is a tradition that has been handed down for generations. You have a wide choice in front of you, known, appreciated and esteemed grape varieties: DalBrunello di Montalcino with Amarone della Valpolicella, from Barbera to Primitivo from Salento, from Cannonau to classic Chianti, from Barolo to Cabernet… let yourself be carried away by the quality of oursonline wine shop discounted! Also go in search of more niche but no less noble red wines. Our selection of red wines is able to satisfy any type of palate: we offerdelicate red wines for those who love to sip a wine without obligation, even between meals;full-bodied red wines that enhance a remarkable meal, for demanding palates and researchers of history, taste and tradition; red wines from the north, south, east and west, you have the opportunity to taste all the delicacies and differences of the many vines that our peninsula makes available to us. Take advantage of the opportunity to choose and turn kilometers and kilometers with a click, our proposals have been selected precisely to satisfy and introduce you to all the facets that this world offers, all the colors, the shades. Everyred wine from any area and region of Italy it has so much to tell, so much to make known and above all so much to be tasted.

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