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Safe and reliable payments

Cosedelposto guarantees the security of payments made on the site..

From July 2018 it is mandatory to use the SSL Secure Socket Layer protocol that allows you to encrypt data transferred over the network from one application to another and to make, in this way, highly reliable and secure transmission. Our company has boasted of this protocol for a long time before it became a legal obligation, demonstrating the protection and care we have of our customers.nti.

Payment can be made in the following ways::

  • Payment by credit card or prepaid via paypal
  • Paypal payment for users registered with paypall)
  • Payment by bank transfer in advance
  • Cash on delivery - cash only or cashier's check for amounts less than € 200.00.. 


The purchase by credit card or prepaid is an absolutely safe transaction thanks to the innovative fraud protection systems offered by the payment system par excellence: PayPal..

It is possible to pay by credit card without having a PayPal account. Upon payment you will be redirected to the PayPal page of Cosedelposto. The credit card or prepaid data will be managed directly by PayPal and in no way by us. In the event of cancellation of the order or return, we will cancel the amount paid or return it by bank transfer.rio.


If you wish to pay via PayPal account, you must enter the e-mail address and password for your account on the PayPal website and then make the payment. The data will be used exclusively by PayPal. In case of cancellation of the order or return the amount paid will be credited back to the PayPal account.al.

One of the most famous online payment systems. Quick and easy, you can pay with all credit cards and prepaid cards in absolute security, on the customized Paypal page cosedelposto.com. Once arrived on the page, the user can choose whether to pay by logging in with his account, if he has one, or continue without logging in by clicking on the continue button located on the bottom left under the Accepted Credit Cards..


In the event that you choose to pay for the goods by bank transfer, the order will be processed only upon confirmation of receipt of the transfer. Payment must be made within 5 working days following the order date, after which the order will be canceled. The reason for the transfer requires the indication of the date of purchase, the order number and the customer's name and surname. It is also advisable to send via e-mail, via the addressirizzo info@cosedelposto.it (this e-mail address is protected by the spam bot the number of cro so that any delays in crediting do not cause the cancellation of the order.ine.

 Transfer to be made within 3 working days from order confirmation.

Transfer data:

Owner: Cuore Italiano srl

iban checking account: IT94X0200814413000104139395

Bank: Unicredit

Reason: indicate the date and order number in the order confirmation email.”.

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