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Castagnolo Orvieto Classico D.O.C. 2019 Barberani - Cose del Posto

Castagnolo Orvieto Classico DOC 2018-2019 Barberani

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A more modern and innovative interpretation of the tradition of the Orvieto Classico, it is the result of an accurate qualitative selection, bunch by bunch, in our vineyards. It best expresses all the potential of the territory of a highly suitable production area. Endowed with extreme drinkability and complexity, it is the embodiment of our passion for wine.no.

SIZE: 0.75 liters.


FEATURES: Straw yellow in color with an intense and complex aroma, with hints of fresh fruit.

ADDITIVES AND PRESERVATIVES: Biodynamic inspired. In our vineyards we do not use herbicides. We don't use pesticides. Fertilizations are carried out with biodynamic preparations, burying of the branches and green manure of herbs and legumes.


ALCOHOL: 12 vol..

STORAGE METHOD: Cool place away from sunlight.

RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: We recommend pairing with land and sea appetizers, first courses, fish and white meats. Also excellent as an aperitif..

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