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Ceci decorticati - Cose del Posto

Chickpeas peeled

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Chickpeas are among the typical qualities of the agri-food heritage of the backbone of the Umbrian Apennines of the Marches. Cultivated in the Umbria region, on the areas of the Colfiorito plateau, they are legumes rich in proteins, vitamins and are an excellent energy source. In the kitchen they adapt to many preparations, in particular soups, soups and cold dishes. The chickpeas of our producer are small, smooth and rounded and it is precisely for these characteristics that they are distinguished from the most common chickpeas, rough on the surface and with a more elongated shape. They are very tender and with a good protein content and low fat. The decorticated chickpeas in particular, eliminating the problems generated by the peel, maintain all the nutritional values of the product, allowing to take only the best part of the legume.e.

SIZE: 350 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Hulled chickpeas, cooking 40 minutes, soaking not necessary.

INGREDIENTS: 100 Chickpeas peeled, may contain traces of gluten..




RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Chickpeas are legumes rich in nutrients, generally used for delicious soups and soups. Excellent if tasted boiled, seasoned withExtra virgin olive oil. They are perfect for a velvety or cream, as they remain very soft and delicate. With a quick cooking, they can also be savored as a stewed side dish, on a soup or worked for tasty meatballs.