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Coglioni di Mulo di Norcia - Cose del Posto
Coglioni di Mulo di Norcia - Cose del Posto
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Mule balls from Norcia Salvatori 300g

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Features: Salami with an original shape and from unique and decisive taste . The name is due to the particular oval shape due to the packaging of the meat in a casing still sewn by hand, and to be tied in pairs of two so that they can be seasoned astride a cane or a wooden pole. His production is limited and this characterizes it as a niche product that can be found almost exclusively in the production area. The peculiarity of this salami is that inside each gut , before filling, a bar of lard is inserted. which in addition to making the mule's balls unmistakable, gives them a particular softness and flavor.

Production: Occurs using the lean pork of the shoulder, the loin and the trimming of the ham, finely ground and seasoned with salt, pepper and white wine in which cinnamon and clove has been infused. The mixture is then left to mature for at least 24 hours in modern steel containers. During the seasoning, the dough is mixed several times before being stuffed manually. Then the gut is tied and with the same string a cross-tie of the salami is practiced as if they were four wedges.

Recommended combinations: The mule balls are excellent as a salami for any occasion and especially as a component of appetizers with their perfectly recognizable and characteristic slice. They can be consumed naturally , accompanied by a good slice of bread , crescia or pie al testo, but also after being soaked in Red wine for a couple of days. We recommend cutting it with a knife into slightly thick slices to fully savor its taste.

Data sheet

SIZE: About 300 grams - Product subject to natural weight loss.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Medium-large grain cured salami.


INGREDIENTS: Pork, salt, pepper, chilli, garlic, dextrose, sucrose, natural flavors.Antioxidants: E300. Preservative: E250, E252. Product without dyes, gluten, milk and its derivatives. Inedible casing.

ADDITIVES AND PRESERVATIVES: Antioxidants E301, Preservatives E250 E252.

METHOD OF STORAGE: Cool and dry place.

AVERAGE DEADLINE: 90/120 days.

PRODUCER: The Salumi Artisan Salvatori srl - Norcia (PG).

AVERAGE NUTRITION VALUES FOR 100gr OF PRODUCT: energy value 450kcal / 1864 kj, fat 38.1g / of which saturated 13.9g, carbohydrates 1.5g / of which sugars 1.0g, proteins 22.4g, salt3.95g

History of Salvatori di Norcia

For more than thirty years, the SALVATORI company has been producing quality cured meats in the area of Italy where the art of Norcineria originated. Founded in 1980 in Norcia (Perugia), the SALVATORI company has always been oriented towards quality production, strictly respecting tradition. This philosophy has meant that over the years the production moved from a small laboratory (where it all began) to a much larger and more modern structure, capable of combining quality and tradition, even innovation. The new production structure is able to respond to the continuous needs of the market, focusing on the usual objectives: Compliance with health and hygiene regulations to protect the consumer; The excellent quality of its products, a quality that has distinguished the Salvatori company for thirty years.