Fagioli Occhiolina - Cose del Posto

Occhiolina beans

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Much appreciated for their beneficial qualities, known in Europe following the discovery of America, they are precious allies for physical well-being. These legume nutrients are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The black eye bean, or wink, is actually not a bean, but a pea. The thin, but resistant peel makes this bean an excellent product: in fact, compared to other beans, it gives a lower swelling sensation and cooks more quickly. Among legumes, the bean of the eye is the most ancient consumed in the Mediterranean basin and in Italy, together with chickpeas. To date, the eye bean has become almost a rarity, due to the greater harvesting difficulties and the lower agricultural yield compared to other beans, despite being the only bean originating in our territories in ancient times. The recovery of the cultivation of this precious legume today features the regions of central and southern Italy: Marche, Umbria Lazio and Campania in particular.r modo.

SIZE: 250 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES: "Occhiolina" type beans. Soaking not necessary. Cooking about an hour.

INGREDIENTS: 100 beans. May contain traces of gluten..


STORAGE METHOD: Cool and dry place.


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS:The bean beans are excellent to make simply stewed, with tomato or to combine to make tasty soups. They are also delicious for cold dishes and summer salads.