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Lonzino stagionato di Norcia - Cose del Posto
Lonzino stagionato di Norcia - Cose del Posto
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Seasoned Lonzino di Norcia Salvatori 400g

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Pork loin selected, salted and seasoned by our Salami Artisan according to the ancient butchery tradition. Loin is appreciated for its soft, delicate flavor and its thinness. It has a pink color. The modest content of adipose tissue and connective tissue makes the meat soft, for this reason it is an excellent dish both for dinners with friends and for everyday life.

  • As did : Loin (loin or fillet) is first boned and then lightly marinated and finally tied and left to mature. The seasoning varies from 45 to 55 days.
  • Pairings: The seasoned Lonzino di Norcia can be eaten sliced as a carpaccio with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and flakes of Parmesan. It matches withCheeses fresh, soft and semi-hard. Good for the whole meal and on all occasions both as an appetizer and as a main course with fresh bread or bruschetta.

Data sheet

SIZE : Slice of about 400 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Seasoned lean pork loin.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: Seasoning: 45-55 days; Shape: vacuum packed Lonzino slice.

METHOD OF STORAGE: Cool and dry place.


Ingredients and other info ...

 The history of Salvatori di Norcia

For more than thirty years, the SALVATORI company has been producing quality cured meats in the area of Italy where the art of Norcineria originated. Founded in 1980 in Norcia (Perugia), the SALVATORI company has always been oriented towards quality production, strictly respecting tradition. This philosophy has meant that over the years the production moved from a small laboratory (where it all began) to a much larger and more modern structure, capable of combining quality and tradition, even innovation. The new production structure is able to respond to the continuous needs of the market, focusing on the usual objectives: Compliance with health and hygiene regulations to protect the consumer; The excellent quality of its products, a quality that has distinguished the Salvatori company for thirty years.