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Pecorino al Chianti DOCG

Pecorino al Chianti DOCG

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Pecorino al Chianti DOCG is born from the imagination and the free rein of the cheesemakers' imagination to create something different. It is a cheese with a little-looked and crumbly paste with a color tending to purple, obviously due to the presence of Chianti. The flavor is fragrant and tasty, leaving a slight hint of red wine in the aftertaste which is very pleasant on the nose.

SIZE: 200 gram wedge.

SPECIFIC NOTES: Pecorino flavored with Chianti DOCG in a vacuum packed clove.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: Seasoning: 120 days at room temperature.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized sheep's milk, Chianti DOCG wine, salt, rennet, indigenous cultures.

STORAGE METHOD: Temperature between 4 / 10C..


RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: the combination with theHoney it enhances its taste and is excellent accompanied both by fruit compotes, such asStrawberries and Vinegar,Figs and Brandy,Pears and Vinegar,Kiwi and Ginger,Red pepperor isPlums. Also good with fresh or dried fruit.

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