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Porchetta umbra - Cose del Posto
Porchetta umbra - Cose del Posto
Porchetta umbra - Cose del Posto
Porchetta umbra - Cose del Posto
Porchetta umbra - Cose del Posto

Umbrian Porchetta pig

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SIZE : Slice of about 1000 grams.

The Umbrian porchetta is a totally natural product without dyes, preservatives and polyphosphates, made by the company that we have selected in full respect of the ancient tradition only with salt, pepper and natural flavorings.

Queen of fairs, inevitable in village festivals, the favorite delicacy of celebrating families and lunches on the farmyard consumed in company, has now fully entered the habits of all those who love the strong and sincere flavors of tradition.

How it is produced?

To make it, the craftsman chooses pigs of about one year of age, weighing a maximum of one quintal that carefully washed and deboned, fills with seasoning: kitchen salt, pepper, garlic heads with the whole shirt, liver and spleen cut into chunks and handfuls of rosemary or wild fennel. Once filled with flavors, the porchetta is tied well with string and put in the oven. The cooking lasts from two to five hours, depending on the size of the animal, and should be checked from time to time to see the progressive browning. Tradition has it that the porchetta is roasted in a wood oven, but this cooking method does not ensure compliance with the strict rules on hygiene, which provide for a perfect washing of the oven after use. Furthermore, it does not guarantee uniform cooking at a constant temperature and tends to dry out the leanest parts of the pork. For these reasons, porchetta is now roasted in stainless steel ovens.

Consumer occasions

Our porchetta is suitable for simple sandwiches or sandwiches stuffed with mayonnaise, mushrooms, aubergines and cheese. As a cold appetizer with oil, salad, cherry tomatoes. As a tasty and quick second course with various side dishes. Porchetta must be consumed within two days of opening the package.

Warm expresses its flavor and aroma of spices to the maximum. The tastiest parts are the fatty ones. If not consumed immediately, the pork sliced can be kept for a few hours in a cool place.

To maintain its fragrance, it is necessary to avoid placing it in the refrigerator, or in any case serving it as soon as it is taken out of the fridge. It is also good sautéed in a pan with a drop ofextra virgin olive oil, a couple of cherry tomatoes, a clove of garlic and all its seasoning.

To learn more about Porchetta click on oursBLOG, you will find tips, curiosities and much more!


SPECIFIC NOTES: Boneless and flavored vacuum-packed pork steak.

INGREDIENTS: Pork completely boned, head removed and including whole shoulder, loin and ham, salt, pepper, natural flavorings - Product without dyes, gluten, milk and its derivatives.

METHOD OF STORAGE: Store at + 4C..


PRODUCER : Handcrafted pork meat processing Meniconi Marino via dei fiumi 6 06034 Foligno

Nutritional values and calories per per 100 g of product Energy 423 kJ 101 kcal Proteins 13,8 g Carbohydrates 0,15 g Sugars 0 g Fats 4,67 g Saturated fats 1,696 g