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Collection: Preserved Truffles

Try the preserved truffles: sliced summer truffles, ground truffles and many others to enrich your table with a unique and renowned flavor....Discover the tasty and delicious selection of preserved truffles offered by Cose del Posto, let yourself be conquered by the sliced summer truffle and the ground summer truffle. The truffle is a delight that cannot be missing in a refined and delicious dinner. Thanks to its intense aroma and its strong flavor, it is able to transform any dish into an amazing dish. All our preserved truffles come from fresh truffles from exclusively Italian woods , expertly collected by skilled truffle hunters who are experts in recognizing only the most genuine and high quality products. Preserved without any additives and without synthetic aromas, the truffles are in fact exclusively sterilized at 120, with a methodology and timing designed to safeguard their aroma. Thanks to this conservation, the truffle maintains its renowned and intense taste, and can be enjoyed with many dishes. Try the ground summer truffle , one of the most delicate black truffles preserved in glass: with a flavor reminiscent of porcini mushrooms, it is ideal to combine both with pasta, as tagliatelle or ragu, and as a filling for poultry. Let yourself be captivated by the aromatic scent and delicate flavor of the sliced summer truffle: a truffle carpaccio preserved in glass, to combine with pâtés or to experiment in other meat-based recipes. Look for the preserved truffle that is right for you, develop new and creative recipes or revisit the classics of the kitchen thanks to the delicacy of its unique aroma.
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  • Ground summer truffle
    Tartufo estivo macinato 80g - Cose del Posto
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