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Farro perlato - Cose del Posto

Pearl spelled

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Ancient cereal already used in Etruscan cuisine, spelled is famous for being the basis of the food of the Roman legions who set out to conquer the world. It was mainly used to prepare focaccia bread and polenta. The word "flour" obviously derives from "spelled". Its cultivation has gradually decreased over the centuries, supplanted by soft wheat descended from large and hard spelled descended from medium spelled, with higher yield and lower processing costs. Today, however, thanks also to the nutritional characteristics and to a greater sensitivity towards the rediscovery of traditional products now in disuse, spelled has conquered a place of honor in traditional cuisine and beyond. The spelled of our local producer belongs to the dicocco category called in this way because each spikelet contains two grains. It can be prepared very quickly as it does not need to soak and cooks in just thirty minutes. Spelled is a food that can be used both for fresh summer salads and for soups and soups.stre.

PEARLING: a transformation process carried out on spelled, barley, millet, etc. for the preparation of cereals suitable for the preparation of soups and soups. By pearling, the outermost part of the grain is eliminated which therefore becomes able to absorb the water more quickly, thus promoting the cooking process and consequently lowering the necessary time.

SIZE: 500 grams.

SPECIFIC NOTES:Pearl spelled, cooking 30/40 minutes, soaking not necessary.

INGREDIENTS: 100 Pearl spelled, may contain traces of gluten..




RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS: Pearl spelled is a cereal rich in nutrients. It is generally used for salads or to enrich soups and soups.

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