Tartufo bianchetto Marzuolo - Tuber borchii Vitt. - Cose del Posto

Marzuolo Bianchetto Truffle - Tuber borchii Vitt.

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The Bianchetto truffle is harvested from January 15th until April 30th; externally it has a smooth surface of ocher yellow or olive yellow color. The internal pulp is yellowish white with brownish shades that vary according to the ripening, the type of soil and the plant with which it lives in symbiosis: for example, the truffles that are born nearby in an oak, have a hazelnut colored gleba, while those that they grow near beech trees, are more reddish. It has a particularly accentuated and particular scent, cut into flakes, it is the condiment par excellence on first courses but also on hot and cold second courses of meat.

SIZE: 100 grams.

STORAGE AND USE: The fresh truffle is a product that must be consumed within a few days to savor its taste and aroma in their integrity. After this period of time it is still possible to eat the product, taking into account that it will begin to lose some of its qualities that make it so special. Small speckles of mold are absolutely normal as the truffle is a hypogean mushroom and, like all mushrooms, has a vegetative body represented by a whitish mold. The truffle literally comes from the symbiosis of mold and roots from which they steal nutrients. The truffle needs external cleaning before being used, ideally under cold running water with a brush, so as to free it from any soil residues and small mold stains. To keep it at its best, we recommend storing it in the fridge for about 7 days otherwise it can be safely frozen.

WHERE IS IT: The truffle is a fruit of the earth, an extremely precious and refined underground treasure. Like mushrooms, they arise spontaneously in the soil at a depth ranging from 10 to 60 centimeters in free areas, such as woods or uncultivated land, along the banks of rivers or in controlled areas called truffle huts.”.

COLLECTION: The truffle hunters are those who, with the help of trained dogs, work in the search for truffles. In order to be able to carry out the activity, it is necessary to have a specific authorization issued by the Mountain Communities.e.